About Us

About Us

We are experts in Stone and Marble with a showroom in central London.

However the Granite tiles are not stocked in the UK. If you order, we will import the tiles from warehouses in the EU and have it delivered direct to you.

Choose from a selection of Polished tiles, Honed tiles and pavers in various thicknesses with bush hammered of flamed non slip finishes.

Why Us ?

We import and distribute granite tiles to trade and private customers alike. Whether that be for exterior paving or general tiling needs.

  • Serving the needs of busy UK clients.
  • Choose  items and buy online.
  • Delivered to your door
  • Reputable manufactures and suppliers
  • Adhesives, Grouts Sealers

If you require things you do not see on this website such as Italian Marble then contact us at : www.tilesandstone.co.uk

How It Works

Very few items if any currently are stocked in the UK.

We source from warehouses across Europe and generally wait until there are sufficient items to bring over.

That tends to be between 2 and 4 weeks depending on time of year. Not including public holidays such as Christmas and Easter. Also note that on the Continent the last 2 weeks of July and the first 2-3 of August many factories and warehouses are closed for Summer vacation.

We have a minimum order of 10m² because of the cost of paperwork. If you wish to order less than 10m² then you will be asked to pay a small surcharge generally of £50 + vat. Or we can issue a refund. Orders will not be accepted for a handful of tiles for repairs or splash backs and so forth, which inevitably arrive broken and becomes a nightmare.

Make sure you order sufficient and always include at least 10% to cover for wastage and breakages. Note that in most cases a broken tile is still usable as a cut.

Granite Surfaces Steps

Yes we can make bespoke sizes and objects.

Obvously Granite worktops if you are in the London area.

we sell some off the shelf steps and kerbs etc, but often you may require a matching staircase to go with your tiled floor, especially in a commercial environment. We can do this so long as there is sufficient quantity.

Send us your requirements or room measurements, stating if you require any fixing materials, adhesive etc, and we will reply with a quotation.
If this is satisfactory then call us and we can process the order over the phone, checking the details with you or you can buy directly through our online shop.

Call us on 020 7993 5437